Itaca, Inc.

We are a consulting firm specializing in Italian citizenship advocacy. We offer expert guidance for American citizens who aspire to obtain Italian Citizenship. We assist clients in all aspects of Jure Sanguinis; eligibility,obtaining and translating documents needed for the dual citizenship application, final preparation of application documents,etc.

We also provide services essential to Italian Nationals or former Italian Nationals such as Citizenship by marriage, Re-acquisition of Italian Citizenship as well as Renunciation of Italian Citizenship.


"Return to your roots to experience your future."

Our Team
Lia Verrecchia Candelieri
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Madeline Aneli Werner
Phone: 484-557-9792
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I love helping people preserve and discover their Italian origins. Using my decades of experience as an employee of the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia, I decided to start my own company, Itaca. I love assisting Italians, Italo-Americans and Americans navigate the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to Italian citizenship whether it be Jure Sanguinis, re-acquisition or citizenship thru marriage. 

I love my Italian Heritage! My parents came to America from Italy and instilled in me a love of all things Italian. But I am still also a proud American. Having dual citizenship lets me be a member of both cultures that define who I am. In starting Itaca, I have an awesome opportunity to help other Italian-Americans have what I have - that wonderful connection to the birthplace of my ancestors; by "being a real Italian citizen." 

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