Jure Sanguinis


We research the comune where your ancestor came from and request necessary documents such as original birth certificates and marriage certificates; help/guidance with obtaining court orders necessary to address discrepancies on vital records documents; obtaining apostilles for American vital records documents.

Citizenship by Marriage 


With citizenship by marriage there are two categories - before 1983 and after 1983. After 1983 is more complex and requires FBI background checks as well as background checks from all the states the petitioner has lived in since the age of 14 - we request these. Once all the documents are collected, we navigate with the petitioner an on-line registration (in Italian) that must be completed and followed by the scanning of all necessary documents to the Italian Ministry. 

Re-acquisition of Italian Citizenship

We collect all necessary documents from the client, and send those with a letter (written in Italian) to the Consulate of Jurisdiction before the appointment at the Consulate. We prepare the client for the appointment by packaging the documents necessary for the Consulate.


Translations & Notary Services


We translate Italian documents to English and English documents to Italian. 

Confused about where to start in the process for Jure Sanguinis, Citizenship  through the Marriage or Re-Acquisition of Italian citizenship?​


Frustated trying to understand the steps you need to take to prepare for your appointment at the Italian Consulate?  

Unsure if you actually qualify for citizenship through blood, marriage or re-acquistion? 

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